Welcome to my blog!

My name is Monica Carvalho and I love creating surreal photomanipulations that will make you look twice 🙂

One of my biggest passion in life is to create surreal photomanipulations – I love coming up with impossible scenes. The imaginary world is more interesting to me than the real world because it is infinite. That is why I have always been fascinated by magic tricks and Surrealist artists such as Magritte.

When inspiration comes, I juxtapose two or three images from my own portfolio on Adobe Photoshop, which I have been self-learning along the years.

My aim in creating these photomontages is to give a double take: people have to look twice at the image to grasp it. Moreover, my work is open to all interpretations, and I take pleasure in confusing people even more by giving titles to my photos that are not descriptive, but rather uncanny and random.

Short bio: I grew up in Switzerland of Portuguese parents, and did my studies in England (BA in History of Art with Museum Studies + MA in Design for Communication). London was the first city I ever exhibited my surreal photomontages, at the Sprout Arts Gallery. I have now been living in Berlin since 2016 and I hope to exhibit my artworks in this vibrant and arty city soon!

Note:  I own all the photographs used in my photomanipulations. I do never use a third party image. The models in my photos are mostly me, but also friends and family. I use a lot of photographs I take on holidays and trips 🙂



Prints of my artworks (for T-Shirts, Iphone and laptop cases, mugs, stickers, posters, bags, key holders, scarves and much more) can be purchased on the four websites below.




Design By Humans


Love, Monica

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For any questions or commissions, please email me at monicamofart@gmail.com 

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